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Decide on your investments and leave SSAS Practitioner to worry about pension compliance laws.

SSAS Practitioner: Savings

  • Admin Fee £820
  • Annual Return Fee No additional fee
  • Transfer Fee £150

As SSAS Practitioner establish your SSAS we will:

  • Prepare an HMRC application pack and governing documents
  • Create SSAS scheme, systems, SSAS Practitioner administration and trusts

SSAS Practitioner Annual Duties:

  • Provide of Professional Trustee and Joint SSAS Practitioner services
  • Reconcile banking transactions
  • Provide an annual valuation of investments (excluding properties)
  • Keep all records

SSAS Practitioner Duties

Summary of SSAS Practitioner Duties

- Pension schemes are operated according to scheme Rules, trust deeds or contracts, terms and conditions and other operators’ documentation. This is usually produced by lawyers and is subject to scrutiny by HMRC and overseen by the administrator, who must be satisfied the documents comply with regulations. When regulations change so too must the documentation. SSAS Practitioner provide all these services.

Full records of all members, contributions, investments, pension and/or death benefit payments and pension transfers must be kept. This includes obtaining and providing valuations to the pension scheme members as and when required, and maintaining a record of transactions.

Contribution levels – These must be monitored to ensure they do not exceed HMRC limits and that they qualify as allowable payments. Where they exceed limits SSAS Practitioner must report this and tax charges paid

Retirement and/or death benefits – These must be monitored to ensure they do not exceed HMRC limits, and that all benefit reviews are carried out at the required frequencies and the correct information and statements are provided to members. SSAS Practitioner will pay tax charges where limits are exceeded.

Benefit payments – SSAS Practitioner pay these in the amounts and frequency requested by the pension scheme members. PAYE must be administered for all pension payments.

Tax relief – pension arrangements benefit from tax exemptions. Tax reclaims have to be submitted to obtain refunds.

Investments and transactions – SSAS Practitioner check all pension investments and transactions to ensure they are not “Taxable Investments”, and that funds are transferred as necessary to ensure transactions are carried out in a timely fashion. The Trustees must act in the best interests of the membership at all times.

Transfers – SSAS Practitioner only deal with “Permitted Transfers” under the regulations. This must be determined and transfers processed to ensure HMRC limits are not breached.

The Pensions Regulator – Occupational pension arrangements with two or more members must register with the Pensions Regulator, renew the registration every year and pay the required levy. Occupational pension schemes are regulated by the Pensions Regulator and must comply with its rules. SSAS Practitioner submit returns to the Pensions Regulator every three years and schemes can be subject to inspection and audit. All pension schemes including SSAS administered by SSAS Practitioner are subject to regulation by HMRC and must comply with its rules. Schemes can be subject to inspection and audit.

Using your account

You can look after your SSAS Practitioner pension scheme account online and by phone. You’ll be able to call us to check your balance, review your transactions and change your personal details.

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