SSAS Investments

Wider Choice of Investments

With our SSAS you have the traditional wide range of investment choices

SSAS Investments: Our Administration Charges

  • Property Purchase Circa £400,000
  • Average Administration and Legal Fees Admin £450, Legal Fees £1200
  • Our combined Gross Fee £750

Suitable for Members who:

  • To acheieve greater pension returns by self managing
  • want a wide range of investments to choose from
  • want to finance their participating company with pension loans

Not for Members who:

  • have public sector pensions
  • are close to retirement and do not wish to build their fund further or flexibly access their benefits on retirement

SSAS Investments

Examples of SSAS Investments

A SSAS can invest in the following: › Stocks and shares quoted on the UK Stock Exchange, including securities on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) › Stocks and shares quoted on a recognised overseas stock exchange › Shares in open ended investment companies (OEICs) › Futures and options traded through a recognised exchange › Unit trusts and investment trusts › Insurance company managed funds and unit linked funds › Deposit accounts with any authorised financial institution › Commercial property or land › FCA recognised offshore funds › Trustee borrowing from an authorised institution › Hedge funds › Secured loans to the sponsoring employer › Unquoted UK equities (subject to individual consideration)

  • Investments NOT accepted within our SSAS

    › Commodities › Residential property (other than in exceptional circumstances) › Personal loans directly or indirectly to members or persons connected with a member › Investments considered to be personal chattels › Unsecured loans to the sponsoring employer › Overseas unquoted equities › Off-plan hotel rooms › Carbon credits › Cloud lending › Land banking › Storage pods › Any taxable movable property

    Using your account

    You can look after your SSAS Investments online and by phone. Register first, then you’ll be able to log in or call us to check your balance, review your transactions and change your personal details.

    Whenever you pay in or take out money we’ll send you a record of your transaction as confirmation. And we’ll send you an annual statement every April – you can choose to go paperless or get it by post.

    You can also use your account by post.

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